Quora Question | If Jeff Bezos is so rich, why does Amazon have such a low pay and poor conditions?

Because Jeff Bezos is uniquely evil and this is how capitalism inevitably ends up!

Or at least that’s what some of these other answers would have you believe.

The bottom line is, Amazon’s “low pay” and “poor conditions” are exaggerated.

Some jobs have lower salaries than other jobs because more people are capable of doing them.

Some Amazon jobs pay only $15 an hour, but the benefits packages are generous relative to other $15 an hour jobs.

Additionally, something like 90% of Jeff Bezos’s net worth is tied up in Amazon stock (that he likely doesn’t want to sell as it would tank the stock price and could put his position as majority shareholder in jeopardy).

That’s not to say that he’s broke, but when we see all these headlines that he has 200 billion dollars – it doesn’t mean he has 200 billion dollars of cash.

Reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight (founder of Nike) gave me an interesting perspective. Phil Knight wanted to pay shoe manufacturers in other countries (let’s use Thailand as the example) an American living wage.

If Phil Knight paid the factory workers in Thailand $20 an hour, it would be more money than doctors received in Thailand. Phil Knight deciding to raise wages would have turned the whole economy of Thailand upside down.

Why go to medical school if you could make twice as much assembling shoes?

These are the kind of unexamined consequences that can come from arbitrarily raising wages.

If Jeff Bezos raises Amazon’s minimum wage to $50 an hour, those jobs are going to get competitive pretty fast because most people would forego further education to make $100,000 a year doing a low skill factory job.

Ultimately, supply and demand of labor drives a lot of these wage decisions.

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Quora Question | Why does Donald Trump Jr. believe that teachers are losers?

Why does Donald Trump Jr. believe that teachers are losers?

This is a classic case of what Scott Adams has labeled “two movie reality”

In a rant about how America will never be a socialist country, Donald Trump Jr. said:

You don’t have to be indoctrinated by these loser teachers that are trying to sell you on socialism from birth.”

Movie A:

Donald Trump Jr. thinks all teachers are losers. Every teacher he has ever had in his life: loser.

The people who will be responsible for educating his children: losers.

The conservative Trump fans in the crowd (of which some are likely teachers who might have even cheered his statement): losers.

Movie B:

Donald Trump Jr. thinks that a disproportionate number of university professors (and maybe even some high school teachers), whose classes are made up in part by young conservatives, are pushing an activist socialist agenda on their students and alienating the students who have contradictory views.

Because he thinks the teachers are alienating half their class and radicalizing the other, Trump Jr. called them losers.

Clips like this are so interesting because they are more or less Rorschach tests for people’s biases.

If you hate Donald Trump Jr. this is going to make it really easy for you to hate him even more.

How dare this spoiled brat attack selfless educators? He’s never worked a day in his life!

If you love Donald Trump Jr. you likely agree with him that colleges have become havens for radical left ideologies and you’ll be more likely to excuse the questionable way that he phrased it.

Thank goodness someone is standing up for people like me who are alienated by the current education system.

I’d encourage everyone (on both sides!) to try to step back from initial outrage (it can be very difficult) and contend with the best possible version of what someone you disagree with is saying.

This doesn’t mean you have to agree with them, but it stops you from imagining them to be monsters by attributing their actions to horrible intentions.

We shouldn’t be so quick to mind read each other and ascribe the worst possible motives.

Maybe he’s an evil rich kid who’s trying to tear down the American education system so he and his billionaire cronies can be geniuses relative to the oppressed poor people….or maybe he’s a nervous guy who hasn’t had much practice speaking in front of thousands of people and is willing to say clunky, provocative things to rile up his audience.

Quora Question | What did you start doing that drastically increased your level of fitness?

What did you start doing that drastically increased your level of fitness?

A few years ago if you had asked me what my weekend plans were, the answer was some variety of drinking.

It’s so easy to go out and drink.

It takes very little thought, it’s fun, almost anyone can do it.

The problem for me was that drinking and the behaviors that came with drinking (mainly recklessness and unrestricting my eating) were in direct opposition to my health and fitness goals.

It usually went something like this:

Drink -> get banged up tripping or bumping into things -> eat lots of greasy food -> get poor sleep -> lie around dehydrated and sore -> eat more garbage food to recover -> less likely to train

Fitness is simple but not easy.

You know what you have to do:

Train regularly

Don’t eat a lot of horrible food

Get quality sleep

For me, drinking made those things impossible and actively worked against my progress

Stopping was really hard and it took a lot of discipline in the beginning.

But, overtime, my habit was slowly replaced by other habits – photography, reading, more exercise etc

This isn’t a problem for everyone but if you think you’d benefit, you don’t have to quit forever. Try a week or a month and see how you feel.

Hope this helps 🙂

Quora Question | What is the best way to stay fit?

What is the best way to stay fit?

About a year ago, a trainer at my local gym explained to me why lifting weights is so important.

He said that a lot of people who come to see him will

  1. Not lift weights
  2. Start very restrictive diets
  3. Inevitably fall off of the strict diets
  4. Gain the weight back
  5. Repeat steps 2–4

Problem With Restrictive Diets: This doesn’t seem like a major problem at first. What’s wrong with going through phases of gaining and losing weight if it lets me eat what I want when I’m not ‘dieting’?

Because this hypothetical person isn’t lifting weights, when they lose weight they will also lose a percent of their muscle mass.

Changed Body Composition: Over a long period of time gaining and losing weight eating whatever they want, the same person who was 180 lbs and 15% body fat when they were 20 might become 180 lbs and 30% body fat by the time they’re 40. Even though they weigh the same (and have the same BMI), they have become much less healthy over the 20 years. This is one reason that BMI isn’t a good indicator for health.

Proposed Solution: If you lift weights regularly and can stick to any diet for the long term you won’t fall into this cyclical trap. It sounds intimidating, but take it one day at a time and start slowly. Regularly doesn’t have to be 6 days a week. You can start at 2 or 3 and raise or lower the volume of exercise to fit your schedule, as long as you stay consistent to keep your muscles strong. More muscle -> more calories burned at rest -> more you can eat. The key is to getting to a level of consumption you are comfortable with and finding a diet you like and can stick to long term.

In the interest of keeping this short I’ll end this here, but feel free to ask questions or voice concerns in the comments

Happy Lifting 🙂

Some Sources:

Why the type of diet you are on doesn’t matter | CBC News

Why Weightlifting Is More Important Than Cardio For Fat Loss

EDIT: Infographic Source:

Don’t Fall in the Yo-yo Cycle of Weight Loss

Quora Question | How do I get an iPhone for free?

How do I get an iPhone for free?

You want an iPhone for free?

Some might laugh at your audacity. The new iPhones start at $799 and you want one for free!?

It is actually very simple to get a free iPhone you just have to follow these steps:

1) Go to college and get a computer science degree

2) Work for a few years honing your skills until you can get a job at Apple

3) Work your way up the corporate ladder. Be ruthless in your pursuit of promotions but not so ruthless that your colleagues come to hate you

4) Read up on management techniques and attend management training courses

5) Find out what C-level executive is closest to retirement and position yourself to take over their position when they leave.

5b) If no C-level executive is planning on retiring you’ll need to identify which C-level executive is weakest and organize a coup d’etat to take his job (Keep in mind you’ll need to make it look like you have the best interest of the company at heart so your coworkers don’t mutiny on you, but you’ll really know what this is all about – that sweet sweet free iPhone)

6) Become a C-level executive

7) Hopefully by this point you will have gotten relatively close with Tim Cook, and he’ll be able to give you a free iPhone but if he’s being stingy…

8) Find out how close Tim Cook is to retirement

8b) Repeat 5b but with Tim Cook

9) Now you are the CEO of Apple and you should be able to give yourself a free iPhone UNLESS…

10) The board of directors veto your decision to give yourself a free iPhone (Those bastards! They’ve been on to you all along, time to take matters into your own hands.)

11) Plot a third coup to overthrow the board of directors. By now you should be pretty good at organizing coups but this will be the most high stakes coup of all so make sure to cover your bases.

12) Once you’ve overthrown the board of directors, install your shadow board of patsies who will do whatever you ask.

13) Hold a vote to give yourself a FREE NEW IPHONE 11 Pro MAX WITH 512 GB OF STORAGE A $1500 VALUE YOURS FOR NO COST

14) Collect your FREE iPHONE

Life is simple, but not easy.